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The use of the grinder reduced the volume of the waste conveyed to the dung - hill. Besides, the food wastes are material for the production of bio gas.
Измельчители пищевых отходов STATUS


The grinders instantly remove the food wastes from the kitchen. They no longer need to be kept in the rubbish bin - a source of unpleasant smells and bacteria.
Пищевые отходы


The disposer can be placed carefully and easily under the sink and requires no further space in the kitchen.
Измельчители пищевых отходов STATUS


The disposer is absolutely safe for both children and adults. There are no knifes and drills inside. Further electric safety if provided by the pneumatic shutter.
Пневмовыключатель - надежная защита пользователя от контакта с токоведущими частями измельчителя.